From Junk, Beauty. (119 Days To Go)

March 1, 2015

“Hold up, hold up, hold. 119 days? Last time it was 89? What direction are we going here, Michael? ARE YOU A TIME TRAVELER?!”

Well first off, yes. Yes I am. I am a time traveler who is very bad at math, and gravely miscalculated how many days remained in my last post. But I’m totally a time traveler for real.

It has been a wild week. Long, too; I can’t believe we only opened up the site a week ago and this is only the second blog post. I feel like it’s been ages. Between the snow, starting a social campaign, and really taking this thing public, I guess time is slowing down for me to make it all happen. Thank you, Time! Sincerely, your traveler, Michael. (See? Told you guys.)

It’s a bit of a dreary Sunday afternoon (yes, I write all the blog posts in advanced. I’m a cheater.) and I just got back from Sunday lunch with my family. As we drove through downtown, I caught myself doing something I’m ashamed of: being judgmental. Not of the people, but of the town that surrounded me. I looked at the buildings falling down, the construction barriers up, and the uneven streets full of potholes and thought to myself, “this is an atrocity.” How do we let what was such a beautiful town fall so far?

The better question is, what is beauty?

It’s nothing but farce to think that just because a city no longer has the style it once did, that it is no longer beautiful. I won’t defend much beyond that, because I do believe in a universal standard of art and design, but in everything there is some beauty. Those construction barriers only give foreshadowing that something better is coming. From junk, beauty. (heh? heh? See a theme here? Heh?)

Just because something is new doesn’t make it good, but just because something is old doesn’t make it bad. For a nostalgia junky/artist like myself, it’s easier to say just because something is new doesn’t make it ugly, just because something is old doesn’t make it beautiful. There was once a different charm to this city. It’s long gone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people actively fighting to restore it every day, and that some day we may discover in it a whole new charm.

Billy Joel (of whom I am the world’s biggest fan, and yes, I will fight you for that title) said it best in “Keeping The Faith” (1983)

“The good old days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”

Our world is imperfect. Every system has its flaws. But when you take the time and think about things, and appreciate what they are, combined with what they once were, you can find the beauty in nearly anything you’d like.

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