The 3 (or 4) P's of Success (112 Days To Go)

March 9, 2015

Welcome to Journal Entry 3! *crowd cheers* We’re inching ever closer to a couple of big dates, which I’ll bring up later on. I’m more optimistic and excited about TSS than ever before. There are a lot of really exciting things in store for us all, and it only gets better from here.

So first thing’s first (I’m the realest, but let’s not go there): let’s talk about spreading the word. The number one thing I would ask of anyone who cares about what we’re doing is to tell somebody about it. Send them our way! Tell them about the project, tell them about the cause, tell them about this site; just tell ‘em!

Next, we’re getting some promo swag together at the moment, being stickers, posters, t-shirts, and more. If you’re interested in getting your hands on some to put out, hit us up (or tweet at us) and let us know! We’d love to get some gear your way.

I’ve always been told that nothing worth doing ever came easy. I’d say of everything that’s gone on this week, that’s been a bit of a recurring theme: work. I’m a big believer in the three P’s of success: Passion, Persistence, and Persona[bi]lity (and as Andrew says, Potato. I don’t know why.)

Basically put, if you love something enough that you can work at it every day and with a great attitude, you can’t help but succeed at it.

This is, as I’ve found in my 22 years, to be so totally true. It’s true in business, in personal endeavors, in relationships, and everything else. I guess, in a way, the three P’s are a big part of my personal philosophy (by the way, autocorrect just had to autocorrect ‘philosophy’ so I’m starting to think I’m not smart enough to have my own philosophy…).

Passion is not love. Not all the time. Passion is the only thing that will drive you crazy every single day. It’s an itch you can’t scratch. Though it’s a burden some (most) days, you want nothing more than to pursue it, and pursue it, and pursue it. It’s the one thing you can’t live with or without. For some, that’s a person; the love of their life. For others, that may be a project, perhaps a documentary film project about junk and thrift stores hint hint wink wink nudge nudge.

Persistence is the easy part. I believe that if you’ve found what it is you truly love above all else, hammering away at it every day is never a chore. You wake up, and it’s the first thing (or person) you think about, it’s what fills all empty space during your day, it puts you to sleep at night. You hammer away at it every single day, and you never truly grow tired of it. That’s not to say that some days you won’t want to: that’s not a loss of passion. If you’re able to give it up, let them go, or move on from the whole idea; then it never was your passion in the first place.

Persona[bi]lity is a word I made up, and yes you have to include the brackets. If you don’t, my highly-skilled team of linguistics copyright lawyers will find you and— yeah, never mind. It’s about your personality in general, but also the way you show it to others. To me, this is the hardest part. When you love something, and you’re good at it, and you work hard at it, isn’t it so easy to get a big head about it all?

“Oh, you only practice once a day? Psh…”

“Oh, you guys had a fight last night? Me and my girlfriend never fight, we’re perfect.”

It comes in many ways. The thing here is, you need people. No man is an island, nor is any woman, couple, etc. Some times, in some ways, you’re going to need somebody. If you’re climbing a ladder of success and chopping off each rung as you step, coming back down is gonna hurt, big time.

Always make sure you share your passion in a positive way. Nobody needs to be discouraged from chasing their own, especially through you chasing yours. Basically, don’t be that guy.

Potatoes are not actually one of the P’s. Unless you’re Andrew, I suppose.

So there you have it. What do you love? What is your passion? I will promise as far as a promise can go that if you have true passion for a goal in your life, pursue it persistently, maintain a positive persona[bi]lity, and probably something about potatoes, you will succeed.

Go be successful.

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