Wait...What is Thrift Store Symphony? (105 Days To Go)

March 16, 2015

I’ve been blogging a lot of nice encouraging things that have come to me week to week, and the feedback has been good, but for today, I want to strictly talk about Thrift Store Symphony.

By now you understand the idea: two weirdos from Alabama are going to travel all over the place and make music in thrift stores while documenting it. Is that weird? Yeah, that’s weird.

However, [comma] what you have to understand is what this means. And there’s a lot of meaning, I promise. And sorry, but yes this is a listicle.

So What Is This All About?
Your Questions Answered

1. So you’re just making a documentary. Because.

Yes, but not just because. About a year ago I fully realized that filmmaking and story telling are my true passions in life. To me, that’s something you can’t just pass up. It’s what I’d been looking for for so long, and it finally hit me square between the eyes: my calling in life. I have a lot of stories to tell. The story of thrifting and what it means to me is just one of them. What this provides us is a chance to start telling our stories to the world, by entering the final film into film festivals, and seeking distribution deals, or whatever may come.

2. …so you just really love thrift stores?

I absolutely do. Thrift stores are more than just a place to buy junk, score a deal, or find the perfect tacky sweater for your upcoming Christmas Party. They are communities all interconnected by their people, we the shoppers. It sound so stupid, but thrift stores and those who shop there are the combatants of over-consumerism (a really big word that means buying too much stuff). Little Purkey taught me to love thrift stores, and through our trips, I learned on my own what they really mean.

3. Wait, who is Little Purkey?

Deanie Purkey is someone you’ll hear more about in time. For now, know that she was one of the best thrift store shoppers who ever lived, one of the finest people I’ll ever meet, and one of my dearest friends. She was more than my grandmother, she was someone who never judged me or anyone else (at least it seemed), and taught me to do the same. That’s another function of thrift stores: in that game, everyone is equal. Rich, poor, black, white, asian, hispanic, junkies, CEOs, and GEDs; we’re all there, digging through hand-me-downs and old junk; modern day treasure hunters. You can’t judge anyone in a thrift store.

4. Okay, thrift stores, cool. And you’re making music or something?

The music is a big function of what we’re doing. Long before I knew that I love film so dearly, I knew that music was ultimately important in my life. A long, long time ago, in a thrift store not too far away, I was walking along, and had the idea to record a song using only instruments I found in a thrift store. That’s where this all starts for me. If TSS is a bus, the music is driver, we are the bus, the message is the fuel.

5. Oh wow, so deep I almost drowned. So how are you making money off of this?

We’re not.

*gasp* What? Why do something that won’t make you any money? Because this is important, that’s why. More important than anything I’ve done in life. This is a message that needs to be presented, and an idea that I feel must be shared. It could change the way many look at the world, which sometimes is what people need.

Any profit we make from Thrift Store Symphony is going straight back to the thrift stores we visit, and the ministries and organizations which run them. And that’s always and forever; when the money we put in out of pocket is back in, and any profits come in, it’s going straight back out.

6. Well then. Sounds kind coolish. How can I help?

TELL EVERYONE. It’s not just a project, it’s a project with a message. Go spread that message! Tell people about what we’re doing. Tell them about what a thrift store is. Tell them about fancy words and weirdos in Alabama. Send them our way, if you’d rather; we’re always glad to talk TSS. Share this post, follow us on Twitter (#SupportTheSymphony), Instagram, and Facebook. The more people talking about it, and the more people who understand, the more likely we can see this film come into fruition, and the message of the thrift store be spread. Go tell ’em, Symphony lovers.

And that’s it, folks. Hope we answered some questions. Again, be sure to share this with your friends and followers using the social icons at the top of the article, and be on the look out for some free promo swag giveaways coming soon!

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