Say Goodbye To Hollywood (91 Days To Go)

March 30, 2015 Andrew Panik

Hey! I know you haven’t really heard from me yet, but I’m Andrew (you know, “brains, brawns, buttered toast”? Yeah? Never mind.)

I’m writing this post because I did something new this week (and because Michael was too lazy too this week): I went to California; Los Angeles, if you want to get specific. I learned a few interesting things in my travels: 1) Southern California needs more thrift stores, 2) You actually can spend $20 at IHOP, and 3) Traveling is important.

Let’s talk about that last one for a minute.

Thrift Store Symphony is important for several reasons, the need to spread the importance of thrift stores being a major one. The desire to create is up there too. The biggest one, to me, comes from my personal desire to learn.

Learning comes from experiencing. Experiencing comes from traveling.

Sitting in Anahiem, I met some lovely people from the great, cold state of Washington (shout out to you guys, by the way) and we started talking about common misconceptions we often hear about the part of the country we’re from.

They absolutely loved the fact that I say “y’all” and apparently, no, it doesn’t always rain in Washington (just Seattle). When I pushed, they did admit that there is a general vibe that the South is less tolerant or cultured than other regions. While I wouldn’t say that’s true of everyone, I didn’t take any offense to the statement, and they didn’t mean any.

In that moment I realized: I hope to never perpetuate that stigma.

I want to know how other people live, what they think, who they love, and what their passions are. I want to learn so I can tell others, and I think the best way to do this is to travel.

This documentary is about thrifting and music and brotherhood, but just as much it’s about people; everywhere, doing what they do, feeling what they feel, and loving who they love.

After my trip this weekend, I’m so ready to go find those people and to tell you all about them.

SIDE NOTE: If you want to help us on this story telling mission, as always, the best possible way is, as you travel and meet people as I have been, please please please tell people about TSS. The more we can spread the word, the closer we get to making this a reality.

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