Bury Me in Walmart (62 Days To Go)

April 26, 2015

…and we’re back! Sorry for taking a blogging break last week, folks, but I was busy taking our Kickstarter campaign live, and most of this week was devoted to pushing and pushing and pushing it. In the first week we’ve reached nearly 10% of our funding. It’s not huge, but it’s something, and as we gear up for promotional events and more, we’ll reach our goal, no doubts. We DID become a Kickstarter Staff Pick on our third day live, which is a big honor.

Side note: Remember that, with Kickstarter, we only get funded if we reach our entire $10K goal. Please consider donating. If you don’t have money now, you can still pledge – no funds will be taken from your account unless we reach our full goal by June 4, 2015. Okay, I’m done begging for money…for now…

My classes are done for the semester, and I’m ready to really get on the ball with this project. It’s consumed all of my free time for the past few months, but now I have more free time to devour, so I’m running ninety to nothing. I’m sleeping little, but relaxing a lot. I’ve been engulfing myself in documentaries, thrifting, and songwriting; reminding myself thoroughly why I took on this task in the first place. I’m excited to share some of our new tracks with you, and we’ll be premiering the first (the full version of the song from the Kickstarter video that you all have stuck in your head) in about a week. I think you’re gonna love it.

So, you know the drill: let’s talk about the title of this post.

I’d first like to ask the question that’s on all your minds; “wat.”

Well, my grammatically-challenged friend, I’ll tell you. This morning, at Calvary Baptist Church in Rome, GA, after playing piano and keyboards for their service, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Jerry Vines preach. His sermon was colorful, entertaining, and informative, but what stuck with me the most was a short quip he gave at just the right moment. It went something like this:

I told my wife and some close friends that if I die before them, to make sure and bury me in Walmart. That way, my wife will visit me at least two times a week.

Besides being hilarious and equally worthy of the pulpit or the comedy club, this little one-liner (two-liner?), coupled with a nice reunion with some old friends at lunch, got me thinking. (Yeah, I think some times.)

How often do we remember the people around us?

What do you mean, Michael? I’m always around people. They’re there. I think about them. Duh.

But how often do you remember the “inconvenient” friends? The ones that live a city or two over? The ones you don’t see in class/the office every day. That one buddy that maybe doesn’t text you, but you know they’re going through it.

When was the last time you text that person, and reminded them you care? When was the last time you called and asked if they wanted to get together soon?

You know you care about them, but it’s hard and you don’t have time and you’re both so busy and they don’t call you any more and it’s just kind of awkward and-


You’re starting to sound just like me.

See, I didn’t come here to preach at you; I came here to preach at myself just as much. I’m terrible about this. I have self-importance issues (WOAH OH MY GOSH HE JUST ADMITTED THAT TO THE INTERWEBS WOAH), not in a overly-self-respecting way, but in a way that I put what I feel meritorious duty to do (my job, this project, side jobs, family things, this project, this project) in front of spending time with my “inconvenient” friends. Especially lately, if it doesn’t fall in my lap, I won’t even make contact.

What can you do though, right? Can you fix something like that?

Well, of course. The solution is so simple in practice: just call them. Text them. Meet up. Go to dinner. Invite them over. Go to the bar. Make contact.

But here come all those excuses again: I don’t have time! Yes you do. We’re both so busy! Not too busy for friendship and human interaction. Well, they don’t call me any more. Maybe they feel the same weirdness you do. Someone has to show initiative, you know. It’s just awkward at this point. Life is awkward, dude. But- Stahp.

You can make up excuses all day, but you can’t always make up for lost time.

I like that, and I’m going to say it again, this time bolded.

You can make up excuses all day, but you can’t always make up for lost time.

So, are you gonna make one hard phone call, or are they gonna have to rent their burial plot at an Everyday Low Price? Are you?

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