Andrew Panik

Brains. Brawns. Buttered Toast.


I’m the brains…and the brawns, actually. My love for Thrift Stores originates in my room which did not have a TV, and in the 5th grade there was no greater luxury I could imagine. With my only source of income being birthday cards from grandparents, the budget was small, but when I told my grandmother, she said I could find one at the thrift store. What I bought on that fateful day was a 13” Sanyo CRT Television, but what I got was a ticket to a whole new world where anything I wanted could be had for a price I could afford.

What I’ve learned since that Saturday in Birmingham is that thrift stores are a magical place for other people too, where what they need can be had for a price they can afford. Thrift Stores, to me, represent an event, an adventure, and countless memories with some of the most important people in my life, and now I want to share it with the world.

I’m going to show people that a Thrift Store is a place where life happens. A Thrift Store is a place that can fuel your interest. A Thrift Store is a place that perfectly exemplifies “One mans trash is another man’s treasure.” And a Thrift Store is a place where you might just make an album.