Michael Panik

Junk Fanatic. Kubrick Devotee. Futurist.


I’m Panik. Just “Panik” is fine, but don’t let me catch you calling my brother that. As a 10-year-old dweeb and computer junky just learning to build computers from scratch, I knew I had to have my own PC to play with, and it couldn’t cost much. One trip to a couple thrift stores with my grandmother is all it would take to find one such treasure, and permanently cement me as a junk “connoisseur,” if you will.

Thrift Store Symphony is born out of an idea I had years ago, when I first started playing any and all instruments I could find at the stores I’d visit. One day it struck me: I could have a whole thrift store band, or maybe even more, if I got all the transistor organs, worn out pianos, and children’s toys I could find. The time for my vision to come together is finally upon me, and needless to say, I’m ecstatic.

If nothing else, I want people to understand that thrift stores aren’t just places for “poor people” or “deal hunters”. Thrift stores are communities; people who care about one another’s well being, and the well being of the community at large. It’s a picture of humanity at it’s finest, challenging over-consumerism, poverty standards, and greed all in a bunch of old grocery stores with a second-hand marquee out front.