You know what would be great? If money grew on trees.

It doesn’t though, we tried. SO our fallback plan was to ask you to help us out! Click the yellow “Donate” button above to give securely through PayPal. Think of it this way: every dollar you donate gets us ~5 miles down the road. So every dollar means a lot.

It’s not all just gas; making a film can get pricey. Below is a full breakdown of our expenses for theĀ post-production phase of Thrift Store Symphony. Check out where your donations are going!

TSS Post-Production Budget

Despite the fact that we’re editing the film ourselves, it still takes some money to do a thing right. Below is a breakdown of our post-production budget.

Studio Time ($1,000)
Post mixing the final film, and mixing the album.

Location/Equipment Rental ($1,500)
Narrative segments are planned to be filmed on-location, at a rented performance hall facility. Those present must be fed for compensation, and specialized equipment must be rented.

Senior Editor (TBD)
While the bulk of editing will be done by the filmmakers, a senior editor will be hired to give a “polishing touch” to the final film.

Festival and Transportation Fees ($1,500)
To get the word out, we have to get the film out. To get the film out, to the festivals we go!

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